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Professional Photo Booths and
360 Photo Booth Rentals

360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth

Try our new 360 Photobooth!

It's sure to be a hit at your next event.

  • HD Camera

  • Unlimited Spins

  • Studio Lights  

  • Custom Video Overlay & Music

  • Online Gallery Videos

  • 2 Operational Attendants

  • Social Sharing ( Videos will be emailed to you for maximum quality)

  • Sharing Station

  • Photo Props

Prices Start at $900

For 3 hours, each additional hour $250

Photo Booth Services

Photo Booth Services

Photo Booth

  • On-site Attendant

  • Online Event Gallery

  • Custom Picture Overlay

  • Prop Table

  • Backdrop

  • DSLR HD Camera

  • Unlimited Photos

  • Custom Photo booth Screen

Prices Start at $450
with Prints $550

For 3 hours, each additional hour $120

White Photo booth Enclosed

Enclosed Photo Booth

  • Inflatable LED Enclosed Photo Booth

  • DSLR HD Camera Photo Booth

  • Prop Table

  • Unlimited Photos

  • Online Gallery

Prices Start at $650

For 3 hours, each additional hour $120

Live Stream coming soon

Live Stream

Host your next event LIVE!

  • Multiple Social Medias Live

  • Two Camera Angles ( Stationary)

  • Professional Overlays with your event or business logo

  • DSLR Cameras

Prices Start at $400

For 2 hours, each additional hour $140

  • How long is set up.
    Each package includes a 1 hour set up for our photo booth. For enclosed photo booth rental add another 30 minutes.
  • What does the photo booth do?
    Captures quality photo's a Gifs ready to share and enjoy for your party.
  • How much room do I need for a photo booth rental?
    Generally we ask for a 10x10" We can downsize this a bit if needed to accommodate your event needs.
  • How do I get my photos?
    Photo's can be sent to users via email or you can scan the share station QRC code for download. You also have the option to print photo's if that's the packaged you ordered.
  • Does the package include props?
    Yes, every package includes prop hand signs to match your event type or theme. As we move forward through Covid-19, we are NOT providing dress up items such as hats and masks for sanitary purposes.
  • How many prints can i use for my party.
    Basic package is up to 140 prints. Please communicate to us if you need more.
  • Can I bring my own props?
    Yes of course! You are more than welcome to provide your own props. You can work them in with ours or provide all of them, whatever you prefer!
  • Who operates the photo booth for our event?
    Our photo booth are easy to use also we provide 2 trained attendants for your event! Each package includes attendants who will set up, operate and remove the booth following the completion of the service.
  • Will I receive all of the Pictures and Gifs from the event?
    You sure will! We provide a folder full of all of the pictures to your email.
  • How much do your services cost?
    The cost of our services varies depending on your specific needs and the scope of your project. We offer customizable packages to fit a range of budgets. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get a quote tailored to your project.
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